Photo Diary: Pinto Art Museum

5:49 PM

I drafted this post months ago but never really got around to finish it - not until today. It's been more than half a year since my trip to Pinto Art Museum and I'm sorry if it took this long for me to post.

So, anyway...

I've always wanted to go to Pinto Art Museum but it was too far from my place and I just never really had the time and chance to go. Finally, I was able to go with my friend, Froi, this January.

Admission Fee

Adult (Php 200)
Senior Citizen/PWD (Php 180)
Student with valid school ID (Php 100)
3 years old and below (FREE)

Upon entering, you will be given a map as a guide since the area is big. It's 1.3 hectares and has 6 galleries. So ladies, don't wear heels! It is highly suggested that you wear flat shoes or sneakers.

As you roam around the place and admire the various artworks, I bet you will eventually get tired. There are two cafes where you can take a rest and have a meal. Since we went there on a weekend, there were a lot of people and we had to wait for quite a while to be seated. It was hot and I was hungry so, yup, I was getting cranky.

It was worth the wait though because the food was delicious.

Pinto Art Museum was definitely worth the travel and I recommend you guys to come and visit the place soon.

Also, take note of some of the following rules and regulations when visiting Pinto Art Museum:
  • All backpacks are not allowed inside the galleries
  • No flash photography is allowed inside the museum. 
  • Pictures for personal use is allowed but video shoot is prohibited inside the galleries
  • Pets are not allowed inside the museum.
  • For school projects, students must submit a Letter of Proposal or send an e-mail to for approval. 
What about you guys? Have you been to Pinto Art Museum already? Share your experience by commenting down below. :)

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