My #LaBaler 2017 Experience

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For this year, I spent my Labor Day weekend in Baler. If you want to know how you can go to Baler or what went down on my first trip to Baler, check out my previous post about it here.

The Arrival

We left Manila at around 12:30mn and arrived in Baler around 7am, I think. We stayed at Kahea's Lodge which is a budget-friendly hotel. You may check out and book Jamjets and other hotels in the area here. Since check-in time was still 12nn, we decided to have breakfast first. Of course, I had my favorite - tocino with rice.

Since we were all pretty sleepy from the 7-hour ride, we ended up sleeping the whole afternoon. We woke up at around 3pm, ate merienda, took a couple of pictures, and ate dinner.

We decided not to go to the Nalu Music Fest anymore so we just headed back to the room right after dinner. That's basically how our day one in Baler went.

Cunayan Falls

We initially planned to go to Ditumabo Falls or what the locals call, Mother Falls. However, we knew that there will be a lot of people there so we headed straight to Cunayan Falls instead.

film by Jolo

Cunayan Falls is smaller as compared to the Mother Falls but it's still worth visiting. As expected, there were quite a lot of people when we got there. What more if we went to the Mother Falls!

film by Jolo

I like it better when beaches and falls aren't that crowded so it was a good thing that we got to talk to one man who showed us that there's another waterfall apart from the one near the cottages. It was just a short hike away from the one fronting the entrance and it was worth it! There was even a point wherein we were the only ones there.

Nalu Music Fest

Day two of the music fest ended up to be free of entrance since Parokya ni Edgar didn't perform. Sad that we didn't get to hear Parokya ni Edgar perform live but the cheapskate in me was happy that we didn't have to pay for the entrance anymore. Haha!

Goodbye, Baler!

For our last day, we just took a bath, ate breakfast, fixed our things, and off we went back to Manila. We were supposed to have dinner somewhere along NLEX but lines for the restaurants were too long and there were just too many people. Cons of travelling during the long weekend! Since we weren't famished yet, we decided to just eat somewhere in Quezon City.

That's basically how my Labor Day weekend went! How about you guys? How was your Labor Day weekend? :)

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