My First Thrift Shopping Experience (Tips and What to Bring)

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I don't know how I stumbled upon TheThriftyHannako's Youtube page but I did. The pieces she bought inspired me to go thrift shopping. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about it at first but after a couple of thrift haul videos from different people and research, I finally gave in. One of the reasons why I haven't gone to any thrift store prior to my recent trip is because my mom forbids me to - for safety and sanitary reasons. I understand where she's coming from but... sorry, mom. Curiosity hit me!

One afternoon I just decided to ride the train and go to Lolo Oboy's, a thrift store/building mentioned in a couple of vlogs/websites. I got a bit lost since I thought it was located near MRT Cubao station. Apparently, it's located near LRT Anonas. Thank goodness for Google!

Lolo Oboy's is a 4-story building with different thrift stores inside. What I like about it is that aside from the fact that there's a wide array of selections, most of the stores are air conditioned.

  • Make sure your stomach is full and you are hydrated before you go thrift shopping.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. I wore leggings and a simple shirt. Leggings make it easier for you to try on shorts and skirts. 
  • Make sure you don't wear any flashy items. You wouldn't want to attract snatchers. Plus, sellers may not give you a lower price when you haggle because wearing flashy items will give the impression that you can afford the items at a regular (or higher) price anyway.
  • Check out the items on sale first. 
  • Better to speak in Tagalog. 
  • Try your best to haggle especially when you buy a couple of stuff from the same store. 
  • Thoroughly check the items you are about to get. One thing you wouldn't want to happen is come home and realize that the item you got is damaged or has a stain on it.
  • Be patient. Check each item because you might miss on a good one.
  • Set a shopping budget and account the items you bought. Sometimes we get too caught up buying pieces at a cheap price but when you total everything, you might be surprised. Be disciplined and know when to stop.
  • Only get the items you know you're going to wear or use. Do not buy something just because it's cheap.
  • Sanitize and wash your hands after. You may not notice it but your hands will get dirty from rummaging through all those clothes. I was surprised at how dirty my hands were after shopping!  
What to Bring:

I didn't end up buying a lot but I'm happy with the pieces that I got. Stay tuned for my thrift haul! Also, if you know or have any favorite thrift shops, let me know by commenting down below. I'd love to go thrift shopping again!

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