Pups and Cups Dog Cafe

9:30 PM

I am typing this while I'm here at Pups and Cups Dog Cafe right after we spent a good hour and a half with the dogs (who are super cute and hyper, btw!). We were trying to look for a good cafe place in BF when we stumbled upon this cafe and I'm glad we did. 

The place isn't that big but it is divided into two - one is the cafe area and the other is the area where you can play with the dogs. 

We first went to the cafe area to order our drinks. After we got our drinks, we headed straight to the playing area.

I like how they write quotes in their cups! As for the drink itself, there's nothing special about it but it's good.

Before you enter the playing area, you have to change into the slippers provided. You will also have to put your personal belongings in the locker area. Don't worry my millenial friends, you can bring your phone/camera with you so you can take a picture with the dogs.

All dogs are vaccinated so no need to worry! Plus, there are two trainers inside to guide you and the dogs. 

A day spent with dogs is definitely a day not wasted. Haha! Visit Pups and Cups Dog Cafe at 363 El Grande Ave, BF Homes, Paranaque City.


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