Doctor Strange x Cadbury

8:35 PM

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Last Thursday, Cadbury held an exclusive movie screening of Doctor Strange. So right after attending Life Ministries, I headed straight to Shangri La Mall to catch the 9:30pm movie. I thought I was going to be late but thank God I arrived just in time. With popcorn and drinks on hand, I was ready to watch the movie.

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Doctor Strange somehow reminds me of Inception - with battle scenes. Haha! The visuals of the movie was aahhh-mazing! The trippy effects of the movie, I think, makes it worth watching on IMAX. I love how it's action packed with a punch of humor.

Well, sort of.

One of my favorite scenes would have to be when Dr. Stephen Strange had to undergo operation and Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) had to operate on him so his soul left his body to give instructions to Christine. Haha! Since it's a Marvel movie, you know the drill... stay until after the credits!

So i'm the type of person who likes to munch on something while watching a movie and I know that I'm not the only one! Instead of the usual popcorn and drink combo, why not try munching on Cadbury's Limited Edition chocolates? Click here to know more about it. As I type this, I'm actually munching on Cadbury French Vanilla - my favorite! Get yours now for only Php180!

Thank you Nuffnang and Cadbury for the tickets! I definitely had a joyful moment!

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