What's In A Name?

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Growing up, I wasn't really a big fan of my name. My first name isn't common while my second name is, well, let's just say it's the same as a certain junk food (clue number 1 haha). Since my name isn't common, I disliked the fact that it couldn't be found in souvenir shops wherein your name is engraved in keychains or whatnot. Or the fact that my name is usually if not always misspelled or mispronounced. But of course as I grew older (sadly, not taller), I learned to accept and love my name. Well, I didn't really have any other choice. 

In one of Life Ministries' bible study and fellowship, Pastor Garvic asked "What's in a name?" Our topic was about Jabez. In Hebrew, the name Jabez means pain. He was named as such by his mother because she felt so much pain while giving birth to him. And that got me thinking, what does my name mean? 

Apparently, there is a municipality in Cantabria, Spain named Miera. Yes, same spelling! Just a trivia, Mi-ra in Spanish means "look". One of the few words I remember that my Spanish teacher taught us back in High school. Haha! Sorry, Ms. Mags. 

According to Wiktionary, this is what my name means:

(n.) thousands (or a great number of)

And I just found it amazing because my second name is also a noun which means...

a star that suddenly increases in brightness and slowly returning to its original state. 

Okay, that's clue number 2. Haha!

When you put the two together, it means "a great number of stars". I just find the description really pretty.

What about you guys? What does your name mean? :) 

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