Restaurant of the Week: Ichiba Japanese Market

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A few months back, I mentioned that I will dedicate one post per week for a food review. Obviously, I wasn't able to keep my word. In fact, no food review was written right after that post (click here to check it out). Hahaha! So today, I decided to blog about my trip to Ichiba Japanese Market in *whispers* Resorts World Manila last Saturday.

Ichiba Japanese Market is located on the 2nd floor of Resorts World Manila; right where Cafe Republiq/Republiq Club used to be. As far as I know, it's the first Japanese seafood market here in the Philippines.

Fresh seafood!

For our appetizer, we got Ichiba Roll (Php285) which is their best seller for rolls. As you can see, they are generous with the crunchy crabstick salad.

Gyukushi (Php130) This is good too but Izakaya Kikufuji's Gyukushi is still number 1 for me.

Seafood Mixed Set Furai (Php325) It's worth the price considering that it consists of breaded shrimp, salmon, crab sticks and scallop (7 pieces in total). I was kind of surprised that they gave a generous serving of the salmon.

Of course, I gotta have my rice. Haha! Chahan (Php80)

In celebration of the Matcha Festival, I got Green Tea Ice Cream (Php45) for dessert. 

Upon entry or on your way out, you will also see the corner below where they offer different snacks from Japan. They also have head pieces and signs that you can use as props when taking a picture to share in your social media accounts.

Various signs you can use for picture taking.

So kawaii! Hahaha

If you've been to Ichiba Japanese Market, let me know what your favorite dish is and how was your experience by commenting below!

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