High Five: 5 Facts About Me

10:00 AM

Hey everyone! I decided to create another series entitled "High Five" wherein I will list 5 things. What these five things are will depend on me (or you). So to kick-start this series, here are five (5) things that I guess not a lot of people know about me:

1. I'm an ambivert.

Well, I think I'm an ambivert. There are times wherein I like to go out and socialize but there are days wherein I just want to be alone and do my own thing.

2. I love anything that's flavored green tea/matcha.

No explanation needed. Haha!

3. When I was younger, I got hit... by a scooter.

Yup... True story. It wasn't anything major (duh, it was just a scooter). I don't exactly remember how it happened but it was after (or before? Can't remember) our cheering practice for our Intramural when I was in 1st or 2nd year HS. And to top it all off, I was wearing white jogging pants that time. Haha! Sheesh...

4. I have fear of heights.

I honestly want to overcome this fear of mine because there are things I want to do (like cliff diving, standing on top of a mountain, etc.) but I'm too scared to try.

5. My hair is naturally curly.

I think this is something that not everyone knows because I always have my hair rebonded. Right now my hair is partly curly and partly straight (it's ugly) since I haven't had my hair rebonded for months now. That's the reason why my hair is always in a bun. Haha I'm trying to grow it out since my hair's dry already due to all the chemicals.

Well, that's it. If you have any suggestions/ideas for this series, let me know through the comment  box below! :)

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