Happy Hour Vol. 4

7:00 PM

It's been more than a month since I last updated my blog. And apparently, the last time I did a Happy Hour post was September last year so I think it's about time I post one again. In case you don't know/forgot, the Happy Hour series is a series wherein I post about the things that made me happy on the day that I did the series. The number of items will depend on the time. Like today, since it's already 7PM, I will post 7 things that made me happy/smile today. Gets? Gets.

The past few days for me has been like the weather lately - bipolar. One minute it's raining and before you know it, it's bright and sunny again. Ugh, I hate it. But on a brighter note, here are the 7 things that made me happy today:

1. I was supposed to ride an Uber car from my house to BGC but my dad dropped me off instead. In other words, nakatipid ako. Hihi
2. Meeting with the Marketing team went well (even though I was late *cries*)
3. Randomly saw Liz today!
4. ...so I rode with her from the office to High street. Haha!
5. Free latte from Coffeebean. Green Tea Latte <3
6. Another meeting went well. Thank you, Lord!
7. I am drinking coffee as I (finally) update my blog.

So, that's it! Hopefully I'll be able to regularly update this blog. Let's see. Haha! How about you? What made you happy today/lately? Share the good vibes by commenting below! :)

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  1. Hahahaha Hi M <3 I want to have posts like these. Hmm but I'm still thinking.

    Ohhh since I love cookies, I'll make cookie volumes! :) thanks for the idea :D

    1. Post ka na!! :>

      Hahaha! Go! Cookie volumes tapos tagline mo "take a BITE out of my life" :) =))


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