An Open Letter To the Boy Who Broke My Heart

8:00 PM

To the boy who broke my heart,

It's been more than 3 years since the first time I felt butterflies in my stomach because of you. I remember my heart and my mind battling whether or not I do like you. I didn't want to like you. Not only was I not ready emotionally, but love wasn't just a priority for me at that time. Besides, you just got out of a relationship. And frankly, you're not exactly my type. Well, you knew all that.

But, love has its ways. I still remember the day we, along with our friends, planned to go down South to chill.  That day ended up with just you and me having dinner during that cold breezy night on the 13th of July. That night, you confessed to me that you liked me. You didn't know it then but I liked you too. Well, you already knew that.

Weeks passed, we had our first kiss. And from then on I knew I was in trouble. That was it. That was the day my heart won over my mind. That was the day I let you in. Everything was going well. Until it wasn't anymore.

We never became official. We were exclusively dating, yes. But sometimes timing can be a b*tch. I wasn't ready. Then you weren't ready. Then everything else just came crashing down like a game of Jenga. Who knew someone who wasn't "yours" could hurt you so much?

Then, that moment came. You uttered six words: I. just. don't. feel. it. anymore. Who knew six words could hurt someone so much?

Reality is, sometimes good things must come to an end. Why? Because better things will come. And I'm certain that in the future, when I look back, I will be thankful to you because you chose to let me go

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