What to Bring to Anawangin (or any camping trip)

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I recently went on a camping trip to Anawangin, Zambales. It was a quick getaway (2 days, 1 night) but a good one at that. If you are planning to go to Anawangin or any camping trip for that matter, here are the things that you should bring with you:

Tent, Sleeping Bag, Blanket, and Pillow

You can rent one out in Anawangin or you can borrow a tent from any of your friends. If you have plans of going to another camping trip in the future, I highly suggest that you buy a tent of your own instead. You may check out Ace Hardware where they sell tents for Php900 or less. Of course, this depends on the capacity of the tent. Also, make sure that your tent has a net that can protect you from those pesky mosquitoes! Bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and blanket with you as well for a comfortable sleep. Take it from the girl who wasn't able to sleep because she didn't bring a sleeping bag a.k.a me.

Water/Water bottle

It's best to bring your own water bottle instead of buying plastic cups for each one of you (be eco-friendly!). You can just buy a gallon (or two) of water and refill your water bottles. Plus, this is very handy especially when you plan on going on a hike as well.

Food and Drinks

There are sari-sari stores around the area but they are much more expensive as compared to prices in the supermarket or your local market. It's best to buy items that are easy to bring and prepare (such as canned goods, bread, instant noodles, chips, etc.). Buy some marshmallows as well which you can roast during camp fire. You can also drop by the San Antonio Public Market to buy food that you can grill/cook at the camp site (i.e. barbecue, hotdog, liempo, fish, etc.). Okay, that just made me crave for grilled food... As for the drinks, you can bring a cooler with you and just fill it up with your favorite drinks. It's more expensive when you buy in Anawangin. Plus, they only sell Red Horse and Emperador.

Utensils and Swiss Knife

Utensils - of course, what will you use to cook and eat? Be a boy (or girl) scout and bring a Swiss knife as well because you will never know if you'll need it!

For cooking purposes and bonfire.

Sunblock and Mosquito Repellent

It's nice to have a golden tan but it's always best to be protected! Too much sun exposure is bad for your skin. Also, do not forget to bring a mosquito repellent. This is a must for me especially since I'm very prone to mosquito bites. Surprisingly, I didn't get bitten by mosquitoes in Anawangin.

Portable charger
There's no signal in Anawangin but if you are using your phone as a camera, music player, flashlight, etc., it is best to bring a portable charger with you since electricity is scarce in the area. This is also essential if you have a GoPro or any other camera.

Life Buoy or Swimming Floats

Not really essential but it's something that's nice to bring especially if you plan to just relax while in the water.

Snorkeling Gear

You can use this during your trip to Capones Island. Anawangin isn't really the best snorkeling spot.

Shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, bath soap, facial soap, etc. You know the drill.

This is if you plan on swimming... which I assume you will since you're going to the beach. 

Clothes and undergarments
If you plan to go hiking, better bring shoes. You may want to bring extra slippers as well (mine broke during our trip).

Beach Bag

Bag: Club Princess

Bring a small bag (better if it's water resistant) that you can use during island hopping. You can put your wallet, sunblock, phone, camera, and other things that you would need during the island hopping or trekking inside. 

I recommend you also bring playing cards. Use it to pass up time with your friends. Basically, that's it! Do you have anything else in mind that you'd like to add to the list? Let me know by commenting below!

Images c/o me, Pinterest, Google Images, www.swissknifeshop.com and Polyvore

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