Quick Getaway to Tagaytay

6:30 PM

A few weeks ago, me and my former workmates decided to have a quick getaway to Tagaytay. We met up at Serendra since they also had work in the morning. From Fort, we headed straight to Tagaytay!

It was quite traffic going to Tagaytay so we arrived at the place we'll be staying in at around 7:00pm. I forgot the name of the place (oops) but April found it on Airbnb. The place was composed of two bedrooms (master bedroom and the attic), two restrooms, kitchen (includes a rice cooker, stove, utensils, etc.), dining area, and a veranda. There's also a small TV with ABS-CBN TV Plus on it but we didn't really use it. The master bedroom can fit two people and it also included an extra bed. The second floor had two queen size beds and an extra bed. All in all it can fit around 8 people. One thing I love about the place is its location. It's near the main road but is located inside a village (I forgot the name, sorry!) so there's peace and quiet. 

This was candid hence the face. Haha! Spam for dinner and breakfast!

The trip was a birthday celebration of Imnas as well so we surprised her with Chocolate Mousse cake from Conti's! But I have to say, I think Red Ribbon's Chocolate Mousse is better. 

We spent the night talking, drinking and eating some more. Haha! We had to wake up early the next day though since we had to leave by 12nn.

I think the appropriate hashtag for this would be #wewokeuplikethis. Hahaha!

Before leaving, we decided to take a walk around the village and, of course, take pictures!

And it was time to go home... It was a short trip but it was definitely a much-needed getaway!

A trip is what you take when you can't take anymore of what you've been taking. - Adeline Ainsworth

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