Haller, Baler!

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Okay, that's a lame title. After how many months, I finally had the time to blog about my trip to Baler with my College friends! We've planned this trip for about a month or two since we had to find a date wherein everyone's available, destination, accommodation, transportation, etc. We weren't complete though but at least majority of us was able to come. It was my first time to visit Baler and I'm glad I got to spend it with my friends!

At around 12mn, we met up at our staple meeting place, Mc Donald's Taft - just like the good old days. Haha!

How to go to Baler:

On the way to Baler, there are zigzag roads so makes sure that the person driving is cautious!

If you'll be commuting from Manila, you can ride a bus from Cubao Bus Terminal.
Cost: Php550/person

For a more comfortable ride, you may try out the Joy Bus which is inclusive of pillows, blankets, snacks and a bus stewardess.
Cost: Php750/person

Travel time is around 6 hours. I slept all throughout the trip (yup, I'm the boring passenger. Hahaha!) so if I remember it correctly, we arrived in Baler at around 6:00 am.

Where to stay in Baler?

We stayed at Surfer Girls Lodge. It's perfect for a barkada since they have a room with double decked beds which can fit around 8 people. But what I like about the place is it's located at the beach front. The owner of the place was accommodating and nice as well.

Here are other options that you may also try (though I haven't stayed in these accommodations yet):

  • Aliya Surf Camp
  • Bayler View Hotel

After breakfast, we decided to go surfing. Finally I got to try surfing! I guess, 3rd time's a charm. We tried surfing for about an hour. Take note on the word: tried. The rental of the surfboard is Php200/hour. We didn't hire an instructor even though it was all our first time to try surfing because we thought it was easy to learn. Obviously, it's not! I only got up twice (yes, in a span of an hour). Hahaha! Hopefully I'll be good at it in the future because it's surprisingly fun. As far as I can remember, surfing with an instructor costs Php350/hour. If you're a beginner, I highly recommend you get this package instead (based from experience!).

To make the most out of the day (we just stayed there for 2 days and 1 night), we went to Ditumabo Falls. Since you can't bring a car to the top, you have to ride a tricycle. Then, you have to walk to reach the falls. Reaching the falls and taking a dip in the water was worth the trail. Take note: the water is really really cold! The only downside is that the place is quite crowded.

And the best way to end the day after all those activities? Eating at a buffet of course! Definitely worth the Php200. Forgot the name of the place though. Haha! After dinner we went back to Surfer Girls Lodge and had drinks there.

Day 2

After having brunch at the Baler Surfer Grill, it was time to go back to the busy streets of Manila. It was definitely a great way to spend the weekend!

See you soon, Baler!

Photo credits to Aaron and Heidi

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