Weekly Update: Goodbye, August!

11:51 PM

Want to know something crazy? It's already the start of -ber months! A part of me wants to make the time run slower but a part of me can't wait for December. Eeeep!

Last week wasn't really a good one for me. Le sigh. But, I'm glad that at least this week started on a good note.

  • Failed attempt to have dinner at Kikufuji last Friday. The place was full when we arrived so we ended up having dinner at Hana which is located at Little Tokyo.
  • Ate almost the whole day of Saturday. Well, I didn't really eat much because I was feeling too down to eat but majority of my time was spent inside a restaurant.
  • Attended our weekly Sales Clinic at the office. After the training, our Brand Manager treated us for lunch at Coffee Bean (yes, they have a cafe which is located at The Fort!). Thank you, Ms. Rubi! I had Roasted Chicken with Mashed Potatoes which was pretty good. 
  • After lunch, me and Heidi met up with Dona at Tipple and Slaw because Heidi was craving for Smores while Dona wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, their freezer was broken so the desserts were not available. We ended up eating pizza. Yup, this was right after we had lunch.
  •  Since they were still craving for Smores, we headed to Crisp 28th but now with Froi. Dona and Heidi ate Smores and shared a cake while me and Froi just had coffee. Can you believe I passed up on Japanese food and sweets?! Told you I wasn't in the mood to eat.
  • Watched Pixels. Aaahh, missing my childhood days! Don't you sometimes wish that you were still a kid playing PacMan or something? It was so much easier back then. A bruised knee is so much better than a bruised heart... Oh, what? Hahaha!

  • Had Paella Negra, Chorizo, and Sangria for dinner at Barcino. Gotta love their Sangria.
  • Sunday was basically spent on binge watching Revenge and some movies on HBO and Star Movies.
  • Monday was supposed to be my "I finally got to visit Pinto Art Museum" day but, unfortunately, that was once again postponed *sigh* Me and Froi ended up having lunch at Kebab Factory (located at SM Jazz), shopping at Glorietta, coffee at Starbucks, and dinner at Kanto Freestyle. 
Well, that's how my weekend went. How about yours? :)

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