Restaurant of the Week: Cow Bell

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Okay, I admit. I love food but I am no chef. I just love to eat (who doesn't, right?). I also like discovering new restaurants. So, I decided to dedicate one post per week for a food review. For this week, I tried Cow Bell which is located at Jupiter Street, Makati City. The place isn't really hard to find. It's located below Top Grill, a karaoke place I used to visit with my former officemates.

When we arrived at Cow Bell, there were only two tables occupied - on a Friday night! I'm not really sure if a lot of people opted not to go out that day since they got tired of the crazy traffic the past few days (the traffic that Friday wasn't as wild as I expected it to be) or not a lot of people eat at Cow Bell. The interiors of the place isn't intimidating (especially since it's a steak cafe) with quirky quotes plastered on the walls.

Cow Bell's menu has a variety of choices. It offers starters, pasta, sandwiches, steak, fish and chips, etc. I wanted to try out the Roasted Bone Marrow but it sounded so sinful I had to stop myself from giving in! Haha!

Molasses Brined Pork Chops (Php250.00)

Steak and Chips (Php390.00)

My personal favorite - Chicken Wings with Rootbeer Hickory sauce with rice! (Php190.00)

I don't know if it's just me but their steak isn't really something that would make me want to go back and have some more. Maybe I expected too much since it's a steak cafe after all. The price of the steak does not match well with the quality of the steak (Disclaimer: I'm no expert when it comes to steak. I just compared it with the other steaks that I've tried with more or less the same price range). 

However, I love the sauce of their Chicken Wings!! That would be my favorite among the three. The taste of the sauce is just right! If I'm craving for chicken wings, Cow Bell would probably be one of my go-to places. 

All in all, my Cow Bell experience is a 7 out of 10. 

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