Weekend Getaway: La Union

1:49 PM

Me and two of my High School friends decided to go to La Union last weekend for a quick getaway. We left Manila midnight of Friday and arrived in La Union at about 6:00 am, Saturday.

How to go to San Juan, La Union:

Ride a bus going to San Juan, La Union. Partas Transportation Company has two terminals in Manila. One is located in Pasay while the other one is in Cubao. Since we're all near Pasay, we decided to ride from there.

We arrived in the Pasay Terminal at around 9:30 pm. Upon arriving, you have to get a ticket and wait for your number to be called (Note: one number per person/ticket). Once your number is called, you have to proceed to the ticketing booth so you can buy your ticket. The price depends on where you are headed so make sure to mention that your destination is in San Juan, La Union.

Cost: Php450.00 per person/bus ticket

FYI, buying of tickets is on a first come first serve basis. We were trying to catch the 11:00 pm departure but we ran out of tickets. So, we had to take the next bus which was at 12:00 midnight.

If you are a big group, you can opt to rent a van instead. I also recently heard about Tripda but I haven't tried it (If you've already tried it, tell me about your experience!).

Where to stay in San Juan, La Union

We stayed at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel. It's a pretty good place; perfect for those who are on a budget, backpackers, solo travelers, etc.

Cost: Php850.00 per person (includes breakfast)

There's an additional fee for those who would be paying from Manila (it's around Php30.00, I think). My friend, Lora, was the one who made reservations prior to our trip. 

There were no waves that weekend so I wasn't able to try surfing. I guess, third time's a charm? Haha! We also tried to swim on the beach but there were so many jellyfish so after a couple of minutes, we just went back to Flotsam. 

We also tried El Union Coffee. And can I just say, ang sarap ng Smores!! Hahaha it was so good I recommend everyone to try it when they visit San Juan, La Union. It's located near The Circle Hostel and Surf Shack. 

Every night, there would be an acoustic band playing at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel. So while having dinner, we were just listening to them. If I'm not mistaken, I think they're the same people from El Union Coffee. I'm not sure! But, ahhh, can every night be as chill as that night? Haha!

Just like what I mentioned, part of the Php850.00 is the breakfast buffet which consists of bread, jams, cereals, orange juice and brewed coffee. Pretty decent, right? Of course, I had Koko Crunch! Haha If you're a rice person, they also serve breakfast meals for Php150.00. 

Upon check out, we headed to the Partas Terminal via jeep (Php11.00/person). Apparently, bus rides back to Pasay Terminal is morning time and at around 3-4pm. Since we had to go back early, we decided to ride the bus going to Cubao instead (the bus comes every hour, I think).

Cost: Php430.00 per person/ticket

If you'll be riding the MRT, better to go down along Trinoma since the Cubao bus terminal is still a trike away from Araneta-Cubao MRT. 

"Time to see the world one city at a time."

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