Throwback Thursday

11:35 PM

So I finally got my yearbook today! I can't believe it's been 3 years since I graduated. Yikes... I feel so damn old! Haha! Also, me and my bestfriend, Heidi, got to spend time as well so yay for today! We decided to go around the campus and check out what's new:

1. There's a TV in every classroom already (What?!).
2. There's a new building where you can find offices, "cubes" for the student organizations (I guess they don't call it cubes anymore? Haha) and a new cafeteria. P.S. Thank you Sir Jude Latore for the treat!
3. A renovated office for School of Human Resources.

...and a few other things!

It was nice to visit our Alma Mater and reminisce. We got to chat with one of our professors over coffee and cake and one thing he said that I agree 100% was that experiences/memories with friends are far more meaningful than obtaining material things. That's why we have to travel while we're young (Uhm, hi friends!). Hopefully travel plans with friends will actually push through. Hi parents!!

Speaking of travel plans, me and my former officemate in Galeo was planning to go to Sagada tomorrow but my parents didn't allow me *cries*. Yes, I am 23 years old (turning 24 this year even!) and they didn't allow me. How great is that. </3

Oh, well. I hope your summer is going better than mine!

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