My First Airbnb Experience

1:36 AM

March 31, 2015

My last day in Galeo. If you read my previous blog post, I mentioned that I was in for a new adventure by the end of the month. I decided to resign as a Learning and Development Assistant in Galeo to work for my dad. Frankly, it still hasn't sinked in that I just had my last day a few days ago.

To celebrate our (me and Apple) last day, we decided to rent a place near our office for one night. We were supposed to book a room in Go Hotels but a day before our overnight, I decided to try Airbnb.

Monday night, I found two (2) condo units for rent around Taguig for a very good price. The next day (the day we'll be renting the place), we immediately got a response from both. One was available but the other was not. Mary Ann, the host, was very prompt in replying to our queries. We were told to look for Sarah, her cousin, since she would be the one to assist us during our stay. Initially, we were supposed to check in at around 7:30 pm but due to workload we had to move it to a later time. Thank goodness they still accommodated us. However, we had to wait for a few minutes or so since Sarah went out for dinner or business meeting (our fault since we were late). When Sarah arrived, she immediately accommodated us and even gave us her apologies for being late (even if initially we were the ones who were late). She showed us the swimming pool, gym and the shortcut going to the 7/11 Convenience Store (lol). She's very nice and accommodating.

The Lobby

View from 15 floors up.

We stayed at the South of Market Condo. It's a pretty good location since it's walking distance from Bonifacio Highstreet (where our office is located), Serendra, Market Market and SM Aura. It is a one bedroom apartment wherein you could also use the swimming pool and gym. There is also a spa should you want to de-stress (quite pricey, though). If you want to grab a snack, you can just go down since there's a 7/11 Convenience Store below. When we entered the condo unit, they provided us towels, shampoo, cotton buds, etc. (which I honestly didn't expect since it's a condo unit, not a hotel). We also had wifi (for an additional charge of Php100.00). The place was clean and well-equipped. I definitely recommend others to stay in this place.

Jack Daniels, my man.

Me, Dona and Apple just had a few drinks and we talked about the most random and sabaw things. It was definitely a good way to end our last day in Galeo. I'll miss you guys! Repeat, please? :)

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