The Domino Effect

4:59 PM

It's amazing how one decision, one movement, one instance can lead to an event that would have a big impact in your life. It can be as simple as deciding to go out with your friends and ending up getting know a person who would turn out to be your husband. It can be as mundane as not replying to your loved one and little did you know, it was his/her last text to you - or anyone else. They say we have no control over what would happen to us. Well, that's partly true. But I believe that we shape our own destiny. 

"We're destined for greatness." 

We all are, I believe. Our decisions and actions will help mold our destiny. If we choose the right path then we'll reach the "greatness" we were meant to have. It's just  a matter of knowing which is right from wrong, and what path you want to take.

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