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Decided to open my Blogspot again and found this on my drafts so I decided to just post it.


People change. Feelings change. A lot of things change. That's just how life works. Like they say, the only constant thing in this world is change.

Sometimes it's hard to accept the changes in our life. You ask yourself, "Why?" And, sometimes, you don't get the answer to that question. It's the questions in your head that makes it hard for a person to accept things and move on.

I was talking to my friend the other day and I was complaining to him about the certain changes in my life. Then he said, "Stop it, Miera. Edi 'di ka niya minahal. Understand? Sorry ah. Pero dapat ganun ka nalang mag-isip. Mas maiintindihan mo." He was blunt. And, well, he was right. I realized, what's the use of me trying to know the answers to the questions in my head? I'll ask a question and I'll try to get an answer. Once I get the answer, another question pops in my head. I still believe that knowing the truth would set you free. But what if you don't know what the truth is anymore? You get an answer from someone and just when you're satisfied with it, you get to know more things which makes you question if the answer to your question really is the truth. And, honestly, when I get the answers to some of the questions in my head, it just makes me more mad and sad 'cause it makes me realize that the thing that I believed in was a lie. The answers that I get are like punches that hit me right through the stomach. And it hurts. Really hurts. And what's frustrating about it is that we can't do anything about it. The best thing we can do is just let go and accept these changes. We should put into mind the fact that even though we get the answers to the questions in our head, it cannot change the fact that it has already changed. We cannot put it back to its old state anymore. It's the ugly truth. Harsh reality.

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