Smart Halloween Party

2:23 AM

So, I can now finally say that I am officially no longer part of the unemployed. Goodbye bum days! It's a good thing though 'cause it would help me keep my mind off of some things. I started last Thursday which is great because the next day is a paid holiday. No work but with pay! ;) As for this week, I only went to work from Monday to Wednesday since it's a long holiday. Such a perfect timing for me to start work, eh? Haha!

First day at Smart!

Anyway, Wednesday was Smart's Halloween party! Our department had a contest where in they separated HR into 3 teams: those who are in the 18th floor were divided into 2 groups plus those who are in the 2nd floor (recruitment). Themes were Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, and Narnia, respectively.

Together with some of my teammates. Woot!

 Hello officemates :)

College kabarkadas and now, officemates!

Our team ended up bagging 2nd place. It's all good though! Congrats again to the Recruitment team! They deserved it, really. :) Anyway, the past few days at work has been pretty chill since I wasn't given that much tasks yet plus we were busy with trying to decorate our place for the Halloween party. So I guess next week will be the time I'll get to be busy especially since there's the New Employees Orientation plus the Caravan. Aaahh! Wish me luck! :)

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