Trip to Singapore

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Last stop: Singapore

A lot of Filipinos reside in Singapore to work and one evidence for that premise is that wherever you go in Singapore, you would most likely come across at least one Filipino. One thing I like about SG is that it's quite easy to go around the place especially since their public transportation is fairly organized as compared to Manila's bus and train transit.

Bus ticket to Singapore 

Me and Ate Marie being camwhores while at the bus

 Marina Bay Sands - It houses different retail shops (mostly luxury brands), a couple of celebrity chef restaurants, etc.

See the ferris wheel over there? Correct me if I am wrong but I was told that it's the largest one in SG! 

There's a swimming pool along that long horizontal thing over there. Oh, it's an infinity pool by the way, so when you look down, you'll be able to see a great view!

Sitting by the rooftop at Marina Bay Sands. The view over there is just beautiful especially during night time!  

Around 9pm, they hold a show making use of only the bay water, lights, projector, sounds, and bubbles. Amazing show! :)

Cute Campbell Soup seats! 

We were lucky 'cause the exhibits were of Andy Warhol and Harry Potter!!! The Harry Potter exhibit showed the different props and costumes of the different HP casts. Nostalgia hit me already while we were waiting to go inside the gallery 'cause the Harry Potter theme song was playing and they showcased all of the Harry Potter posters. Too bad we couldn't take pictures for both exhibits. :(

Mmm... The food's quite pricey though as compared to Malaysia but it's all good!

So those are just some of the pictures 'cause we mostly just did a lot of walking and shopping. Haha! Can't wait to go baaack! Next time, I must go to Sentosa and visit Universal Studios! :)

Photos by: Marie Malcampo and I

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