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Last week me and my family went to Malaysia, Genting, and Singapore for my dad's birthday. We left Manila at around 8:30pm and arrived in Malaysia by midnight.

Ate at Pancake House while waiting for our flight. Who says you can't have breakfast food for dinner?

Upon arriving, we had our late dinner somewhere along the airport. Yes, we ate again. We then took a bus going to KL Sentral. We arrived pretty early so we decided to stay at one of the hotels first to take a nap before we head to Genting.

KL Central

Woke up early in the morning. We had lunch at one of the Indian restaurants near our hotel before going to Genting. They offer good food with a lot of servings for a cheap price! Definitely worth it. :) 

Genting, here we go! :)

We then went to KL Central again so we can ride a bus going to Genting. To reach our hotel, we had to ride a cable car. We even saw Mara Clara being played in one of the TVs while we were in line for the cable car. Woot! Here are some of the pictures taken during our stay at Genting:

Resorts World Maniluuuuh! Oops, I meant Gentiiiiing. HAHA!

Check out the fog! 

Me and my sister, Ate Marie :) 

Mini Cooper, I shall have you when I get rich. Heehee! 

 Birthday boy (my dad) and my mom while having dinner at Hou Mei.


I love the weather at Genting! It's really chilly but not the kind wherein you feel like you can't breathe anymore. Haha! Just the right amount of chilliness! When you look through our hotel room's window, there are times wherein all you can see is fog. And that wasn't even night time yet! Anyhoo, since this post is getting quite lengthy, I'll just make another post about our trip to KL and SG. :)

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