Kuala Lumpur

2:01 AM


We stayed at Genting for only 2 days and 1 night. So come Wednesday, we were back at Kuala Lumpur once again. Our hotel was just near KL Central so it was very convenient for us to go around the city.

Hey, it's the metrorail!

Petronas Towers 

Mmm... Jellybeans! @ Candylicious 

My mom would usually give these to us when we were younger. I think I can finish these big ones in one sitting! Kidding! Well, maybe I can. It's not impossible, actually. HAHA! 

Dropped by the Chocolate Factory as well just 'cause we love chocolate that much. :D 

Mmm... Good stuff.

 This is a fitting room in one of the stores at Pavillion. I forgot the name of the store though, sorry! Coolbeans! The wall was plastered with different comic book covers so I just had to take a picture. Hihi 

KL Tower

Tried out their KFC 'cause we saw in their commercial that they offer curry sauce! It's actually gooood! :)

Those are just some of the places we visited and things we did in Malaysia. We mostly visited malls though so I want to come back next time and go around the city more especially since Malaysia is also known for its rich culture. Next stop: Singapore! :)

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