Adobo Connection x Chef d' Angelo

3:25 AM

Last Wednesday, I had another job interview with one of the largest fast food chains in the world. After my initial interview in the morning, I was asked to come back at around 2PM. So, I decided to have lunch at Adobo Connection since I haven't eaten there before. 

I decided to order Adobo Flakes. It was a bit too dry for me though. I like SEx's Adobo Flakes better. However, my sister said that the other meals are good so I better those next time. 
P.S. Their customer service was good! 

For dinner, we decided to try the buffet at Chef d' Angelo. It was very affordable! For only 175php, you can  have unlimited soup, salad, pizza, pasta, mixed vegetables, fish fillet, and rice. The food served depends on the day though, I think.

 Here's a picture of the food that I got. I wasn't able to finish my last plate though since I was already full. Good food for an affordable price! :) You guys should try it. Buffet starts at 5PM up to 8PM. Just in time for dinner!

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