So Long, Farewell

4:36 PM

August 3, 2012

Finally, my last day at JAMCI. We were supposed to have our monthly meeting wherein each and everyone of us are supposed to report all the updates with regards to our accounts. Thank goodness it was moved to another day since our boss had a meeting. We had food prepared already so we had our dinner at the office instead. 

4th picture: fug face lol 

Me and Marj, my partner-in-crime lol

(L-R) Mina, me, and Janelle || My sabaw seatmates!

To celebrate me and Janelle's last day, we went to Central to have a few drinks. Fun night with the girls! I wasn't able to stay that long though since Dave picked me up already. Went to Mercato. We didn't know where to go after so we ended up going back to Makati to have a few drinks. T'was a good day!

All pictures are from Marj Valiente

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