2:18 AM

Dave picked me up at home at around 8:00 pm. We decided to go to MOA for dinner but since we didn't know where to eat and we were both not that hungry yet, we decided to just get a snack from Auntie Anne's. Mmm... Cream cheese and caramel dip! We walked around for a bit but since his legs hurt due to training, we decided to just watch a movie. He's not very fond of watching scary movies but I was able to make him agree to watch The Ring 3D. Haha!

The movie was okay. There were scenes that would make you move in your seat but not exactly make you scream like a little girl. I have to say, the previous movies were scarier than this one. Well, for me at least. If you really want to experience screaming when watching this movie and you're fine with spending more to watch a movie then you probably may want to watch this in 3D. I'll give this movie probably 3 stars.

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