I love you, Cebu

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March, 2012

Last March me and my family went to Cebu to celebrate my mom's birthday. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. Definitely not long enough to enjoy Cebu. 

Day 01

We arrived early morning in Cebu. We didn't have a hotel to stay in yet at that time since my dad said that we just choose a place to stay in once we get there. First thing we did was tour around the city via the rented vans in the airport. Such a beautiful city! And, can I just say that the people are also very kind? :) After the tour, we went to a hotel recommended by our driver. It was near Ayala Cebu. I forgot the name though but the room rates were cheap and the hotel's pretty decent. We slept for a while first since our flight was very early (midnight) and we were quite tired already. After, we went around Ayala Cebu then Crown Regency Plaza. Chickened out in their ride. Haha!

Me and my sister, Ate Marie, while at the hotel and the airport.

Together with the TV5 crew! We saw them while we were going around and they decided to photo bomb one of our pictures. So, we asked for a picture with them instead. Hahaha!

Me and my mom

Day 02 and Day 03

We moved to Plantation Bay and I love it there! I could just stay there for about a week. There are so many things to do in that resort only. Me and Ate Marie were the ones who really made use of what they offered. There were a lot of swimming pools and man-made seas which made us go crazy. Haha! Fuuun :) It's quite pricey but definitely worth it! 

 Chillin' like a villain!

During our last day, me and Ate Marie decided to try the other activities such as Archery. When I see other people do archery, it seems pretty easy. Then, when I tried it, oh boy, was I wrong. My arms were literally shaking! Mkaay... Maybe the instructor's good looks was partly to blame. He looks like Mario Maurer whom, by the way, I have a huge crush on. Haha! Sadly, it started raining pretty hard so we had to stop. 


When we checked out of the resort, we still went around Cebu since our flight was still at night. Hmm.. There are so many things to love about the city! Hope to see you again next summer, Cebu!

* Most pictures were taken by Marie Malcampo

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