Flower Power

4:57 AM

When I was younger and had almost a non-existent lovelife, I was pretty sure I am not the type of girl that would love flowers. I believed that I'd rather receive chocolates or whatnot than flowers. At that time, I thought, "What's the use of flowers? I wouldn't be able to eat it unlike chocolates." I didn't know the answer to that up until I received my first bouquet of flowers years ago. Well... Technically second but the first one doesn't count since I was in grade school at that time and there was nothing going on between me and the guy who gave it to me. Haha! Anyway, it's actually the feeling you get when you receive flowers. It makes you feel special. That you are wanted, liked, or loved. So, my tip to the guys out there? Even though a girl tells you they don't want to receive flowers, deep down they actually do. They might not know it yet but they do. :)

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