August 2011: Monthly Recap

2:17 AM

Wow, I haven't opened my blogspot for months now! Aside from not having my laptop with me, I was busy with my thesis and other stuff. To make up for my hiatus, I'll be posting photos of random events that happened these past few weeks. :)

FUSE night is an event organized by my fellow Benildeans and friends. It is wherein students and professors were nominated to different categories by the students themselves. And on the FUSE night itself, the winners among the nominees were to be announced. My barkada, TSMS, was nominated as the Best Barkada! Hello to my MGs! Too bad one of the MGs, Anje, wasn't able to come. :(

Dherick's 21st birthday @ his crib. It's always a feast in D's house! There were different foods prepared for us to indulge on. I must say, his mom never fails to cook yummy dishes and make our tummies happy. Even during his birthday last year, we couldn't stop eating! Haha!

Us girls together with Dherick's sister, Danielle, and very adorable little brother, David.

Lily's birthday @ Ayala Heights. Time for some Beer Pong! 2-0 baby!

(L-R) me, Criselle, Rachelle, Lily a.k.a the birthday girl, Tere, and Heidi

Diskoteka @ A-venue. Party time with my high school friends! I don't get to see them that much especially since they all live down south so it was really good to see and hang out with them again. Definitely missed them! :)

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