Unexpected Love

1:30 AM

We don't get to pick who we fall in love with, and it doesn't happen like it should.

I watched No Strings Attached the other day starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. Basically, it's about two individuals who agreed to be fuck buddies but ended up falling in love with each other, just like any other cheesy love movie. I just realized how the best love stories start with those whom you least expect to fall in love with. I think one of the reasons why such scenarios make up the best love stories because it's the kind of love which you know isn't solely based on the physical attributes of a person. You didn't expect that you yourself would fall in love with that person and that just shows that when the time comes wherein feelings do start to develop, it's not just based on his physical attributes. If that's not the case, you would have liked that person from the very beginning. You fell for who the person really is and not based on your perception of who he is or his outer appearance. We never really get to pick who we fall in love with, it just happens. It may gradually happen or it can happen in just a snap wherein you realize you do feel something special for that person. And sometimes, it happens when we least expect it to be. That is why up until now, I'm still waiting for the guy who would unexpectedly sweep me off my feet. I may know him already or I may not. What I only know is, he is out there. Whoever you are, I can't wait to meet you. ;)

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