Photo Blast!

2:57 AM

I've been really envious of my friends whose summer break started weeks ago. Unfortunately, ours doesn't officially start till next week. It's finals week already though which means that a few more days left and it's officially summer for us. Can't wait to hit the beach!! Anyway, since it's been weeks since I last updated, I'd just post some pictures. ;)

Star Cinema Presents: Querida
(L-R) Heidi, Carlo, and me
JUST KIDDING! Haha! This is us goofing around a while ago after our shoot for our friends' project.

I had my nails done weeks ago and, surprisingly, the nail polish still hasn't chipped off.

However, my nail's weak already, I guess, so the nail from my index finger got broken. :(

Now THIS is what I've been doing the entire Holy Week. Crazy fun, eh? Not.

I got bored earlier so I tried exploring the wonders of Adobe Photoshop. What do you think for a beginner? Haha! I ended up changing my display picture on Tumblr to this. :P

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