Happy HRMS Family :)

3:15 AM

It was my first time to attend the Bahaghari Awards last Thursday since I only got to be active with school activities during my third year in College. Hey it's never too late, right? Haha! Supposedly, I wasn't going to go since we were going to have a quiz on the time the event was going to start. So, I didn't bring any clothes to wear for the event. It was a good thing Charm wanted to go too even if we weren't dressed up. Me, Joanna and Charm went to the Theater after our quiz to be with our co-officers. As we were about to enter, Ciara went out of the door and greeted us with one of the good news for the night - we won Most Outstanding Fundraising Award for the Lakbay Aral! :) Since the exhibit of our friends was also on the same floor, we decided to drop by there too. While we were inside, we got a text from Heidi and Cielo that we won 2nd Most Outstanding Organization. After the exhibit, we ran to the theater and we were just on time for the picture. Haha! It was truly overwhelming especially since we weren't expecting to win any awards. Our goal was just to lift HRMS from probationary and hopefully win at least one award. And, we did! Not only were we able to win one award but we won two! We were betting on the PMAP but unfortunately we didn't bag the award. All is good though! I am happy and proud of HRMS and most especially of my co-officers. We did it guys! This calls for a celebration!! Hihi

HRMS family, congratulations! Too bad not all of us were there to celebrate.

Cielo, Ciara, Tricia, Charm, me and Joanna with the awards we won! Yay!

Together with my fellow underdressed (haha!) girls, Charm and Joanna.

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