March 2011: First Week Recap

1:07 AM

Before anything else, happy birthday to my dearest mom! I know she doesn't read my blog but nevertheless, I would still like to greet her here. Haha! As a celebration, we ate out in one of our favorite Korean restaurants. Great dinner!

Last night, a friend of mine linked to me the Tumblr of a person whom she says posts good pictures. Since I was busy with school stuff yesterday (Yipee! I'm finally done with all the documentations for my organization, HRMS.), I was only able to browse through her posts today. Anyhoo, I just have to agree to the fact that her posts are indeed good. I got inspired so I'm thinking of bringing my digital camera everyday so I could take random pictures. Hmm.. Well, i'm also thinking of buying a new one. Oh, money money money. I need you so bad!

Since I haven't blogged for weeks now, I'll try to update some of the things that has happened to me recently.

My mom took a long time to pick me up one weekday so I ended up hanging out in Noriter and got myself a Green Tea Frappe while doodling.

This was taken one Saturday after my class. Me and Lora hanged out in Flaming Wings and Kelvin arrived a little later. Check out her cute ring!

One of the drinks that I love? Milk tea! It's a good thing there are two stores near our school that sells milk tea. :)

While waiting for my parents, I indulged myself in a piece of chocolate cake. Mmm!

After seeing Tumblr posts of girls who got matte nail polish, I wanted to get one myself too. So after class, I headed to B.A.R which is a beauty salon near our school to have my nails done. Teehee! Too bad the nail polish doesn't stay that long. Oh, well. I still find it pretty. :)

Since it's already 2am and I still have to wake up early tomorrow later, I'll try to get some sleep already. I'll update again soon. Toodles noodles!

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