1:21 AM


I went to Taft early so I would have time to go to Lay Bare. However, there were a lot of customers and since there were only a few minutes left till my class, I decided to just return the next day.

After class, me and my friends went to Central since Jonas was going to Taft also. Good times! Lotsa booze. Thank you Enzo for the treat! :)


I met up with Joanna, Bok and Ken early in the afternoon to talk about our project for Bustaxa. We ended up just hanging out in McDo and talking about random stuff. We were kind of unproductive that day, actually. Haha! I dropped by Lay Bare again and unfortunately, there were a lot of customers. Bummer. So, I just went to Zark's since Joanna and Sophie was there. After which, me and Lora met up in McDo. Something went wrong with her car though so we decided to just take the LRT and MRT on the way to Ortigas. It was all good though! Before going to Mahalya's house, we went around Shang and Megamall first. 

Good food cooked by my good friend, Mahalya! Obviously, this photo does not do justice to how good the apple pie really is. My phone's camera is just plain crappy. :( Chill moments with high school friends is always fun!

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