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11:53 PM

I didn't have class nor had a meeting yesterday but I still went to Taft to watch Danz Dish 6 with my High School kabarkada, Lora (Thank you for the ticket babe!). LSDC pulled out a great show and, boy, are they hot! Needless to say, they are all a bunch of talented individuals. Watching them dance and perform on stage made me feel a tiny bit envious and made me wish that I could dance just like them. Well, watching them made me miss dancing. After the show, I got myself a Java Frappuccino and Hungarian Sausage with Egg in Starbucks. Never fails to satisfy my tummy!

Today, I had a class at 1pm wherein I was late - again. Seriously, I must not be late in that class anymore since we only meet once a week and we're only allowed to have 2 and a half absences. Before going to class, I met up with Aaron first so we could go to the room together. He was with our other friends and since they had pizza at Yellow Cab for brunch, they gave me their leftovers. Such good friends, I have. Haha! Our agenda for today was to create a house model for our professor, Ms. Penny. Me and my group mates had a lot of brilliant ideas as to how the house would look like but we lacked time and ended up not finishing our model. All is good though since our professor still chose our model as the best among the other groups. Heehee!

When our class was over, me and a couple of my friends rode in Enzo's car to go to Mall Of Asia. Later on, we split up so me and Luigi decided to grab some Frozen Yakult (Yes, Yakult!) and watch Green Hornet 3D. It was a good movie but not exactly a spectacular one and watching it on 3D isn't really a must, I have to say. After which, we had nowhere to go so we ended up in By the Bay. 

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