Best Valentine's Day (so far)

3:38 PM

My Valentine's Day started when my mom gave each of us chocolate and underwear. Yes, underwear.

Me: Ma, bakit puro underwear binigay mo samin?
Mom: Syempre, Valentine's eh. Kaya ako nalang magbibigay sainyo ng underwear.

WHAT?! Hahaha! After that, I wasn't really expecting anything from anyone. Well, I hoped that one particular person would do something extra special for me. Or maybe at least see me that day.

This was given to me by my classmate, Ken. It was really unexpected since we hardly know each other. It was just really thoughtful of him to give us a simple treat for Valentine's. :)

We went to Be My Valentine, an event which was organized by AIM, to support our friends, Eika and Enzo. They sang Falling and Terrified, both of which I requested! La la love!

Wacky also sang one of my favorite songs, Everything By: Michael Buble, which he sang as a finale. He really is a good singer and the fact that he sang Everything just made the night more amazing. You see, I've always wanted a guy to serenade me that song. He didn't exactly serenade me per se but still... hearing someone sing that song live shall suffice. Hahaha!

A bouquet of flowers from Enzo. Thank you! Appreciate it. :)

While we were in our table, a guy suddenly came up to me and handed me this single stemmed rose telling me that it was from a guy from the school in front of us. Haha This "stranger" later revealed himself by tagging me in a video he made just for me. It was really sweet of him and I'm really touched by his efforts! I've got nothing else to say but thank you so much! Everything you did is really just unexpected and very much appreciated. :)

Then, one of my friends handed me a bouquet of flowers and told me it was from someone who doesn't want to reveal himself. But of course I know who that person is. Thank you for everything, and I mean everything. Hope you know that. I didn't expect you to give me anything at all but the fact that you did means a lot to me. I wasn't able to take a picture of it though since my mom got all excited about my flowers and placed them in vases before I could take a picture of it. Haha!

And what's the best way to spend or rather end Valentine's Day? With your friends, of course! Spending time with them really made my day! You guys are a living proof that you don't need to have a lover or a special someone to enjoy Valentine's Day. The love of friends is more than enough. :) After the event, we headed to Papa John's for Valentine's dinner. I'm glad that through out my College years, we still remain such good friends. There were a lot of issues faced but amidst all that, it's good to know that we still remain intact. Too bad we were not complete though since Lily, Rachelle and Alexa wasn't able to join us for dinner. Plus, Kimmie had to go early. :(

A lot of unexpected things happened today and although the thing that I hoped for didn't happen, I can still say that this is the best Valentine's Day I have ever had so far. I may not have a significant other to share this day with but I've got friends to make this day an unforgettable one. And for that, I am very much thankful! Thank you to all those who made feel loved today. I love you all! :)

Photo Credits to Aaron Napiza

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